Rob Asselin

Lehigh University Chinese Bridge Project participating student, Rob Asselin
Civil Engineering & Architecture
Anticipated Graduation Date: 
May, 2011
Summer 2010 Bridge Cohort Member, Fall 2010 Digital Bridge Student, Spring 2011 Bridge Studio Member
Why did you decide to become involved with the Chinese Bridge Project?: 
I became interested in the Chinese Bridge Project because of the unique design aspect of the project; specifically the portion of the project dealing with the design of a pedestrian bridge. As a civil engineer and architect, bridge design is a field that I am considering as a possible career path in the future. I felt that the opportunity to study traditional Chinese techniques and their principles of bridge construction would be a once in a lifetime experience that would prove beneficial in an engineering career. Beyond the obvious connections between the project and my academic interests I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to work with an exceptional combination of students from each of Lehigh’s undergraduate schools.