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Brush with Peace

Visiting Professor Bin Zhou, an internationally famous professor of calligraphy from Shanghai, is teaching a studio on calligraphy and the art of balancing white and black space

to create Chinese words.

p style="text-align: center;" align="center">For Spring 2012

Arch/Asia/Rel 297  T/Th 1-4

Instructors: N. Girardot, C. Ussler,

The Chinese Bridge Project: The Chinese Pavilion

Departmental Permission; cap at 12-15

6 credits



This is a special studio/seminar course that follows on, and continues, the successful studio last spring that resulted in the on-campus construction of a Chinese bridge in the ancient Chinese “woven timber” tradition. The course will combine a cross-cultural consideration of traditional Western and Chinese architecture (involving history, cultural context, and technical aspects) along with the development of plans and materials in the context of a master-disciple relationship between students and professors/master craftsman. The course will culminate in the hands-on building of a Chinese style pavilion on Bethlehem’s south side Greenway. A team of interdisciplinary instructors (architecture—Prof. C. Ussler, religion/Chinese cultural history—N. Girardot, and woodworking tradition—master carpenter Marcus Brandt; and with the assistance of Prof. Nik Nokolov, Dr. Wang Dongning, and Prof. Bill Best) will guide the course. All of these activities will conclude with a community and all-campus dedication ceremony and traditional Chinese Spring Festival (Qing Ming) in April. The overall course will seek to bridge the theoretical and practical, imaginative and real, aesthetic and technical, virtual and empirical, sacred and profane, gown and town aspects of the human built environment as related to Western and Chinese tradition.  This course, like its predecessor last Spring, is supported by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation and is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary and global education at Lehigh.