Chinese Heritage

Bridging Past and Present,

East and West

Lehigh University Chinese Bridge Project - Chinese Students Allies from Eastern Universities meeting at Princeton University, 1911

In 1911 Chinese Students Allies from Eastern Universities
had a meeting at Princeton University

Lehigh University has a long history of close contact with China that began in 1879. In all, more than two thousand Chinese graduate and undergraduate students have taken advantage of an education at Lehigh. The Lehigh-Chinese connection has mirrored the relationship between the United States and China during the past two centuries, and has had a significant impact on the development of modern Chinese industry and education. Until now, this strong relationship, which can be traced back 130 years, has not been adequately recognized or appreciated by either party. Through the three links at the left you can explore the legacy of Lehigh’s relationship with Chinese alumni. At the same time you will gain a sense of Lehigh’s vision for research and innovation as well as its goals for international development and collaboration.